Thursday, December 20, 2007

Malaysia K9 Day 2008

Again ! Molly is back ! This time gonna advertise for Uncle Purina for its annual K9 Day .. For which, of course, you all guys and ladies will witness my paw-prints everywhere in Central Park Bandar Utama ! Yahooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~

For those who are still blur about this post, lemme just tell you, this annual doggie event is dedicated to all of us canines... fun games and lucky draws will be held too ! well of course, most excited ones not only us dogs, but also our owners.. Mommy especially ! and the most great thing is, Sis Elayne offered the ride ! Mommy really thankful to her this beloved jimui.. else, no one's gonna be willing to keep my furfur in their cars hahahahaha ~!

Below is the details of the event :
Date = 20 January 2008
Venue = Central Park Bandar Utama
Time = 8.15 am ~ 2 pm
Admission = Free

Among the programs of the event, they are the K9 beauty pageant, inclusive of titles such as Mr and Mrs K9 , Most beautiful short and long coat dog , Most intelligent dog , Most creative /Photogenic dog...

While for doggie games, there are 11 (whooot ~~~~), including : Dog musical chair, Dog hurdle race , Dog fastest recall, Dog triathlon, Simon say, Fastest eating duo, Dog rally run, Dog longest sit stay, Waggiest tail competition, Best canine triplets, and Incredible Ball retrieval .. Interesting !!!!

Got demo also, by the K9 Unit of Police Force, and fund raising activity by Paws and SPCA, as well as the dog adoption drive also by Paws and SPCA ; Dog performance dancing by the famous Amber-Mae and Chloe (Melissa, is Faith gonna involve ??? ) , Dog microchipping, Vet inspection (shud be free ?) , Dog sports such as flyball, agility, Dog products booth (sale ~!) , and lucky draw ~~~~

Most important news for both canines and owners is the free door gifts for the 1st 500 registered visitors !

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Last 2 weeks, Molly went to jungle trekking with Mommy... we followed lenglui Auntie Ann and Money $$ car.. Mommy and mommy very thankful to Auntie Ann and Money$$ for the offer... so happeee ^0^

The jungle trekking (JT) venue is at Bukit Gasing, somewhere in KL.. very nice place... natural also... best is Me and then Mommy lo... cus tat time Mommy abit upset and stress... when we reach there .. along d journey.. walau... mommy seem happy and then forget all her problems ! Bravo !!!!

But is so early.. 7.30 am.. Yawwwwnnnn !!! Still sleepy.. hehe ! but soo soo excited !

When are we arriving mommy... are we there yet ??

Along d journey... Money i think she was excited and curious abt my first time existence... so she demonstrated her protective skill and tried to tell her mommy Auntie Ann that there's me there.. But Auntie Ann told Money that everything's okay and im her fren too ^^

Ah. finally... we reach there.. Sadly Amanda not feeling very well so she decided only to show face with Pacco and bid us enjoy our trip... so sad.. nvm nex time see u Pacco and Amanda...

So many cars there.. Jiro and Ayako the peckinese also there

Arlo arlo handsome Prince and charming Abby ^^
Abby,.. ur smile very sweet ooo ^^

Yii Abby.. u got put perfume isit ?? hehe !

Mommy : Molly u really a hamsap gal ..

Along d journey to d 'lake' (stream), mommy coudn resist taking pic of d flowing yellow river..

Along d journey also.. uncle Johntim took photo for me, mommy, Celine, Abby, and Prince..

Yeh.. we reached d 'lake' (stream).. we mutts all so happy splashing around d stream.. happy !~

Then... we continued d journey up d hills,.. oops actually was 3 hills... at last we reach d plateform where everyone and everymutt had a rest to energize ourselves.. n enjoying d natural breeze of air..

Auntie Ann and Money $$ ... Auntie Ann y look a bit blur ??

Molly here to manja manja a bit..

Yii.. i heard birds chirping... or isit superman calling ??

Now let me introduce the art of begging :

1 : Wow.. that looks deicious.. can i have a share ? can i ???

2 : It really looks tasty... like you... sweety... now can i have some ?? pleeeaaseeee....

Aunty Ann : Okay... show me a trick ..

3 : Okay i know how to hand shake..

Auntie Ann : Okay... good girl...

Simple isnt it ?

Uncle Johntim calling me... wonder wat he up to..

Hmm y not i demo again d art of begging... hehe !

suddenly superman fly pass... oops sorry jsut a birdie.. no superman :(

Uncle Johntim... Molly want... can i have a share ? can i ???

Uncle : Okay.. do a 'stay' for me...

Molly did a stay...

Uncle : sorry molly.. just asking for a trick.. no treats...
nyahahahaha ! (with evil grin)

Molly : this uncle... sim me... hate u ~

There also many dogs joining the JT..

Dalmation also got...

Miniature Schnauzer Venus also got..

Even four gorgeous golden retrievers .. from left Jojo, Lucky, Prince, and Bank.

After photography session... everyone is refreshed and recharged.. so time to go down hills...

After JT, me and Ann go back to Uncle Johntim's house..
Uncle Johntim become Sifu give briefing abt nutrition, his expertise..

Know y i say he is sifu ?? Look below...

He know Wushu de... see his hand ade know..

While d 3 of us, Money, Prince, and Me, we were held prisoners...

Hey hey hey ! Let us in ! let us in ! we also wanna learn Wushu !

As you all can see, Prince de facial expression remains the same....