Monday, March 26, 2007

Heeeeeeeeeellllllllllppppppppppp !

Today mommy do evil thing ! she bring back evil thing ! i so scared !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help Help Help !

The story like this :

Today, when mommy bac home, i notice she take out red thing... i wonder wat the thing is..

Hmmm... Look very wierd this thing.. i wonder wat this is..

Hmmm.... smells wierd too...

Woah ! Wat that sound ?!

I got no where to hide... so i hide at curtain..
hope the wierd squeeko don see me

but the curtain also very notti....
I tink squeeko see me ..

oi oi oi.... don come near me u wierdo !

believe me... this really looks scary

Mommy ! Take this away !
The wierdo squeeko here !

Im still in fear, however...

altho mommy took away the squeeko... but she laugh at me... she thinks i look very funny

finally i found my protector -> Curtain

Boh lak !

i no energy liaw...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sweet Encounter

Mommy has been very sweet to take her time early in the morning at 6.30am and also evening at 6pm to take me go out walk walk see how beautiful the world is..

Although is just a place where got the green grass and the walk place for me and mommy to walk, i still very happy and contented.

And then, i met my handsome fren. He is my neighbor, and mommy still dono his name (cus she like to forget ppl name and remember ppl face).. But that not so important. The most important is this handsome neighbor will stay here forever so i can see him when i bored or lonely :)

*mommy say i fatt hau*

This few days since mommy and I move to this new nice beautiful house, i met many of my furry frens. got many breeds, nice one also a lot.. mainly is handsome ones.. and im so happy !

*Again, mommy say i fatt hau*

Haih.. Mommy, i have feelings too. I also can get attracted to the opposite sex. Maybe is mommy only attracted to me so she is jealous


But tat not the important point. the important point is, the handsome frens all treat me very nice. They all very gentlemen de. Isit me very the sweet? Hmm.. Maybe..

My addy

Helo all !

wowow ! Few lovely jie jie had been asking me for my address.. hehe i tink they got surprise for me haha ! so, in case other jie jie and ko ko and my fellow furry frenz wanna know my addy, heres it :

Soli.. hav to delete... scared the bad ppl later eat me... so.. anything, i email to u guys ya !

Mommy and me are now working on drawing the map to my house hehe ! a map will b posted once its drawn :D

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pressies ^-^

Im a happee dog.

You see.. I owes receive pressies in difren forms.. like praises la.. compliments la.. and material forms.. (most importantly, Infinite Lov from Mommy)

Mommy faster open the pressies !
~ This pressie from Sis YanYan ^-^ ~

Yey ! Dallies ! I like !

Second one : Sis YanYan ade frame it.. I love it !

So.. Mommy go and hang the pretty Dallie up on the wall abov her piano in her room :)

From Grandma

This is from Mommy... got 2 bowls of this same pattern..
1 is for me to drink water, another 1 is for me to eat my kibbles

Yum !


Today, mommy went to see another doggie.. but the doggie is much much much smaller compared to my slim long body... her name is Pips.. and she is fat.. n im so happee

Pips is a Miniature Schnauzer.. altho not s pretty s me, but mommy still likes her a lot..

actually, Pips initially belong to sis YanYan de.. Mommy's beloved kai mui.. they talk so nice together, and tat made me a bit jealous.. then, bcos sis YanYan's granny come bac from China and is allergic to furkids like me, she has to give up Pips for adoption. Pips was from Auntie Grace who cant take k of her bcos she change a new job and needs constant travelling. So lor..

Poor YanYan.. i know she loves Pips a lot...

Anyway, sis Ivy took over the task after mommy and YanYan go and see if Ivy can manage to take k of cutie Pips.. Mommy told me just now, she very fong sam now.. cus Ivy is experience dog owner.. so, i hope is no problem..

But anyway, im glad Pips found a good home so far :-)

Home Sweet Home

Guess where this is ?
Got tree, clothes, dog (Me lar !!)

Look to Left .. OOp please ignore the rubbish..

Look to Right.. Beautiful hor ?

Tadaaa ! Tat my house lor !!

The best thing is, got garden ^-^!

I'm a Happy Dog !

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I move le !

Dear all, Molly and Mommy move le !

Mommy taken me to stay with 4 ppl : 3 angels and 1 male human. according to the 3 angels, the male human is got many bad habits.. like use ppl thing don wash la, use ppl water don wan refill la.. and etc etc... but so far mommy never experience.. cus mommy owes become the kuli go and help ppl refill the water. to her.. so far still ok.. so.. mommy also hear and no comment...

mommy tell me, is better become the neutral person rather than put the water into the boiling oil..

anyway, i like my new hs. ehem actually is mommy and i de new house... but 1 thing i don like is, i need to stay outside lo.. and many ppl come to my house, and say me very pretty la, adorable la, cute la, and even 'dan sun' also got lol ! the happiest is mommy. cus her room very very the big..

actually mommy had the initial plan to take me into her room de.. but then. mommy a bit scared later hsmate will complain abt my longkai around the house and maybe scare hsmate de fren when they come... and scared hsmate will complain got my smell (dog smell).. then she tell me lo, its better to create peace than silent war... so, altho a bit wai wat, i still will give in.. for the peace of everyone..

see, arent Molly a good dog?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My New Scarf

I have been mommy's good girl especially when she says NO, i stop doing those stuff like biting and chewing the floor mat.. this is what i would call a sacrifice.. i believe many would agree, and i believe sacrificing waht u enjoy doing is such a disaster in deepest hard..

don u think so ?

but then, for mommy, i would be owes willing to give up wat i like altho mommy doesnt like it..

so, as a reward, mommy gave me a scarf.. a violet in color, with flower patterns.. now i know that mommy made sacrifice over that scarf. cus mommy doesnt wear scarf.. so she gave to me.. how sweet !

~ Yeah I Know Im the cutest ~

~ Thanks mommy... I love the scarf ~

~ I know u love the scarf but i love it even more ~

~ guai fu yan~

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy CNY ! *late one*

Wah... so long liaw since i last blogged.. many visitor came lio... yet i had not much response... soli soli..

Anyway, the first and foremost : HAPPY CNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy bac to her original hometown, and i had to spend 1 week at Auntie Jinny's house.. Woah i like uncle very much !

Ehem ! I realise that i have the tendency to get around very very well with uncles in their 40s and 50s... mommy claimed me as fatt hauu.... hh!

Good news ! Im having a new brand of kibbles, which means MORE NICE NICE TASTE FOOD ! Yay ! It's Avoderm... and the best part is, the kibbles are Bigger than proplan and other brands that i have eaten before ! Woohooo! WOof Woof !!!