Sunday, October 11, 2009

Secrets or not secrets?

Psst.. dont let mami know i blog about this kay?

Actually, just now when i went out for the daily walk wif mami, my super powerful eyes could see something that mami texted to her friend... something like "cake"



mmm mmmmmm ~~~ Must be for me Must be for me !! XD
Yes I remembered that mami tried to bake a cake.. but for the first time, she made a terrible mistake and the cake went from butterbrown to chocolate brown.. ewww

but then... today mami did something for me : egg tarts !!
she baked 10... and i took 6 :)

She wanted to give few to her friends, but her friends say dont want wor..
inside got durian flavor one.. her friend sure regret ! hahaha !~~~
but nevermind.. nevermind... they are all mine now :P

dont say u all regret dont want ahr... cus its all in my little stomach already ~~~~

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Im back... Finally ~

Have no fear, Molly is here ~

Haha ! This used to be my tagline for my fellow pawpals... been a long time since i used it :)

Anyway, if some of you have already know, I been seperated from mami for few months, cus mami been 'chased' out of the house (owner wanted to get married and wished to get back his house)... therefore moved to a house where no dogs are allowed :( (stupid or not)

Then, i went to live with Auntie Sophia who has a dog too (my 'bf)... his name is Boy Boy.. we live together so happily (eat together, pee together, poo together, bully other dogs together, chase cats together) Shhh dont tell mami that we bully other dogs together kay? cus she will #$%^&*(

Mami : Molly !! I heard that !!


Anyway, now since i moved back to stay with mami once more, I hav to leave Boy Boy.. and kinda sad but i had to, since I belong to mami :)

The thing that pissed me off is, mami took me to the vet again! this time for mange treatment and the vet just cannot leave his needles... grrrr rawl !!!

So for the moments, I feel so glad that im once again sleeping with mami on the same ol' bed... the most comfortable place in this world :D