Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Love Ma Pics ! (Part 4)

My best trick so far..
Walking on my 2 hind feet for more than 5 seconds

Mommy claims I look like Snoopy :-)

The Mess I made with my Toilet....
I'm supposed to respect the toilet, but i didnt ...
So, Mommy's not really happy with it

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Love Ma Pics ! (Part 3)

Mommy just loveeeee to make me wait for my fav things :-(

C'mon Mommy.. I ade show u my sweet smile.. can I play with Teddy now ?

Still... Haih.... Wonder how many mins later only can I play with Teddy...

Oh Yeah ! Finally ( After 5 seconds)

Mommy said 'Must be guai lui after having the Teddy'


Mommy call me 'Kepoh'...

Happy n Contented with life XD !

Love Ma Pic ! (Part 2)

Let me warm up with stretching my limbs first...
TO the Left....

... To the right...

Hmmm... green color thing ... Looks familiar...

Hicki !!! Tennis Ball !

Hmmm... Ball.. where r u hiding ??

Gimme the ball mommy.. I saw it !

Monday, October 23, 2006

Love Ma Pics ! (Part 1)

LOve my teddy loads !

Just woke up :-)

Dearie dearie boney and teddy ~

Sleeping liaw... Can see ma eyes ?? hehe !

Feeling a bit tired.. yet u still wanna snap my pic ??!!

Woahh !!!! So comfy !

Melting Mommy's heart... Concentrating...

I'm Boarded !

Greetings ya all !

I'm in a new foster home since 2 days ago..

Guess where am I ???

I'm officially announcing my boarding in Jason's house for 2 mths.. while waiting Mommy to complete her Industrial attachment

Jason stays in Botanic Klang.. a newly developed housing area... Nice house ! Mommy liked the place a lot cus it's been well planned, and most importantly the tight security is there ... and plus, Jason's house is very comfy.. even i like it !

When I first arrived at Jason's house, his 2 JRT 'devils' came to me with 'great passion and friendliness to welcome me :-)'... until 2 drops of urine were released from my pet-pet.. *embarrasing*

At first, I was shocked, cus they 'love me TOO much' ! Well, maybe we had not known each other well yet, so we played rough ! i mean REAL ROUGH !

But after a few hours, and until today, we got along well...

Ohhh btw, forgot to intro : those 2 'devils' are Patches and Jingle... Patches is 3 days older than Jingle.. and both are very active JRTs (one of Mommy's fav breed :D)... Patches is the smooth coated JRT, and Jingle is the medium long wired fur JRT... cute la both of them ~

The left one is Jingles, and the right one is Patches...

Mommy's very thankful to Jason cus he's willing to board me with no charge except for the food and vaccination :-) Im thankful too !

Thanks Jason !

Friday, October 20, 2006


Big brothers and big sisters, uncles and aunties, wow-wows and meow-meows... all of you out there, please be my judge and adjudicators... I want to lodge a complain about Mommy..

Although I love her so much, and although i know she loves me max max too, I still want to lodge this complaint..

Please, im not a bad dog.. But i stil have my temper,, and im really very unhappy about one this that mommy did to me.. and so, i want to lodge this complaint :-

Mommy refuses to share a portion of her McD fries and also her McD Double cheese burger with me !!!!!
Although i begged her with my ever sweet smile,
Although i tried my best to walk on my hind 2 feet for a few more steps,
Although i whined and barked at her showing im disappointed,
Although i stood up with my 2 hind feet for a few more seconds,
Although i showed her my hand-shake in the mid-air...
She still refuses to share with me her burger and her fries.. :-(
And she said NO to me, and turned around !!!
Sniff-sniff :-(

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Today, Mommy and Granny Jac brought me to Connaught vet - Everise Clinic.. to have my second vaccination..

Well, I like the vet, Dr Elaine.. She is just so friendly and nice towards me, mommy and granny.. of course, Granny was so kind enough to give mommy and me a lift, as walking to the vet will be tiring as mommy has to carry the 6.6 kg me.. poor mommy.. well well, she cant control me when im outside, so she has to carry me..

Mommy was shocked to see that I have gained 2.3kg over the month.. maybe I eat a lot.. but she likes the fiat fiat me.. so cute :-)

By the way, in the car, I sat nicely and guaily on Mommy's laps, and Granny was happy to see that :-)

When we reached the clinic, I could see Dr Elaine and Dr Chong (Dr Elaine's assistant) greeted us with opening the front glass door with that sweet wide smile.. Friendly they are :-D .. With the 6-in-1 vaccination, I get an F.O.C. deworming liquid treatment --> Tasted like banana.. yum yum yum !

Granny initially wanted to take me go kai kai.. but then i was tired.. but i would love so much to go kai kai with granny ! Ok dont worry granny, next time, i sure go ! hahaha ! cant wait ! mommy so excited too ! yayay!

So, I wAS TIRED.. AND I slept the whole day.. Mommy gave me a new bone yesterday, so I kept on chewing the bone today,, since i got no mood to do other things ... haih... tired la..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Evil Plans...

Mommy planned to get me my second vaccination and SPAY me in Cheras area the government clinic tomorrow.. Hmm.. evil plans...

Initially, she planned to do them tomorrow one shot.. but after calling the clinic, the nice lady Malar answered the call, and told mommy that I may not be able to stand the pain of doing both one after another.. so, i will only have to get my 2nd jab tomorrow and do the spaying next week.. heheh ! Good for me ! Thanks a dozen, Malar ! U r such a nice lady !

Anyway, Im so glad that the surgery is to be done later.. hehehe !

I lost my baby teeth !

Today, I lost my baby teeth.. 2 of them...

Mommy was so shocked when she gave me a new bone to chew upon, and found some blood stains on the bone.. then.. she heard that puppies my age will change teeth from baby teeth to canine teeth.. So, mommy gave me some water to drink.. and eventually the blood on my gums cleared...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Woah.. Mommy finally made me a canine with international status ! wooohoooo !!!!! Credits are to be linked to Pacco.. hehehe :-)

Friday, October 06, 2006

YAY !..... no more...

please ignore the below.. another turndown after dozens of them :-(
Mommy has to break her brain again by looking for friends like hell to board me ... I feel sad for mommy... She might not even go for her attachment if i dont get someone to foster me.. As she doesn't have that much money to pay for the fee.. She's a student

Today's good news for me and Mommy...

Mommy's having her industrial training in Nov until Dec. Mommy's supposed to board me in Melissa's house during this 2 months.. But due to the big buck she has to pay, another good friend of hers (Vincent) offered help after Mommy searched for long.. And today, Vincent and his mom promised to board me for free exclusive of food.. wOW ! This is great news ! Mommy showed a sign of relieve to me, and im so happy for her :-)

I had shown Mommy that I'm guai lui these few days, and as a reward, I got 2 strips of beggin strips today... hehehe ! Yummy Yum !

My new foster home - Batu Pahat Johor.. Vincent has a beagle same age as me.. wow ! Cant wait to play with her :-)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Okay ! Im so excited today ! mommy went to Segar to get me some new brands of kibbles.. cus she thinks that my poo-poo is too smelly (but to me they are tasty).. and she cares for higher nutrition.. so she went to get me NUtro !!!!!!

I love this new brand the minute mommy put them into my bowl.. and boy how fabulous it tasted ! It looks like KoKoKrunch with that chocolatey smell ! Love it!

When Mommy mix Nutro with Alpo (my previous brand of kibbles), I was so smart to differentiate both.. guess what, to mommy's amaze, I managed to push Alpo away and finish off Nutro.. kekeke !

Yum yum !

Pretty Me Continued..

Time for a rest after participating in in-house race with no one and organised by no one...

See the panda in me? kekeke !

Did mommy ever tell u guys that im an expert in french kissing ?

I like this one...

Mommy paying full attention to ex-daddy Faisul

Ma favourite photo.. another classic chic :-)

Playtime ! oopsss. sorry for exposing too much but i think my belly looks just fine..

Behind the "red curtain"

Pretty Me

Yesterday ex-mommy Jaclyn and ex-daddy Faisul came to pay me a visit.. they chatted much on my house obedience training with mommy, and took some pics..
Thanks darling Jac for the gorgeous pics ! Mommy loves them loads !

I'm a blueishly classic chic...

Yes mommy?

Listening very carefully to mommy's speech

My favourite spot - FOOD

Ex-daddy Faisul's beautiful foot

Beside my new room - Bathroom

A cat in action !

Mommy loves this one :-)