Saturday, June 07, 2008

never give up on the good times you had here with me~

dear all, i know its been such a distance of time since i last blogged... here, me and mommy say : SORRY ~! we haven forget u all.. just, mommy had been a busy woman late few months and that i had been doing my duties as her beloved girl to help her in whatever and whichever ways that i could, so mommy wud not be too hard...

time has passed so fast.. im so glad that mommy told me that everythings gonna be okay, and we will soon be back into action....

and while mommy and i were so busy to even blog, i did came once every few days to visit my blog.. and feel great enough to view all your comments.. im so grateful !

anyway, for certain people who dont understand my life and how mommy loved me so much that im the most important element in her life besides her family, i dont really care any negative feedbacks given in the taggy column as well as comments columns... mommy doesnt care too.. cus mommy respects the freedom of speech.. and whose life doesnt encounter negative responses ? right ?

never give up our good times together and yes, we will be back again soon.. very very very very soon~ stay tuned !