Sunday, January 28, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm A Good Girl, Mommy Claimed :D

3 days ago was an exciting day.. cus Auntie Kim and her housemates (ehem.. also my leng lui aunties) came to see me... I didnt really 100% recognise them from far so i barked at them just to show that I'm here ! Well, although Mommy's not very happy with my barkings, I still wanna proove that I'm a very protective dog. Of course, after they came into my house, all came and gimme a super duper huggy ! I immediately remembered that they had been taking care of me before during the boarding, and got so excited ! I immediately jumped on these beautiful ladies and walah ! 1 of them fell down ! Woo zoooo.. so sory sorry.. i din mean to.. i was too excited bah.. and so, to show my excitement even further, i excitely barked at them.. 1 of them then came to teach me a lesson 'don bark' ... hahahahaha ! as she owes teach me at auntie kim's home, so i guai guai sit down and listen to her..

2 days ago.. granny wanted to come.. when Mommy told me tat granny want to come to see me, i immediately got so excited and jump here and jump there.. mommy was so happy too, cus long time no see granny lio.. miss that sweetie girl pulak... and so, as mommy was anticipating, sudenly granny called to inform that she cant come as she's busy with her stuff.. well, atho disapointing, but me and mommy never give up... cus nex time granny will still come ma.. hahha ! So , we all waiting for granny to come and hav a great time with me !

1 day ago, which is last nite, mommy's best frens Ailing and Jinny 2 leng luis came to see me ! I, again, got so excited and jump here jump there again.. also, i jumped on Ailing and she, again, fell down on her bum bum.. i wanted to laff, but coudlnt, cus later AIlign n Jinny send me to the X-files with a tag 'laffind dog' then it will b very dai kin see.. lol! So.. both leng luis play and play with me until i was tired.. well, they like me? i blif so !

today, no one come. sad la.. so i plan to be a fully good girl, so many many ppl will come see me and play with me... today, until now, i have been a good girl. i din bark at my hsmate and her/his frens.. i din play with insects... and i guai guai obey mommy's commands..

As mommy will b very busy with her final year project and all the stupid tests and presentations, i decided to b on my best behavior.. so tat mommy can hav less worried...

so, m i a good girl or wat ? i tink u all know d answer ade =D

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Next Trick

A Monkey..
Mommy: What are you doing ???

Sunday, January 14, 2007

K9 DAY 2007

Today is, as i hav blogged ystd, is K9 Day... a meaningful day for me and mommy.

Im camera shy sometimes, so mommy has to put me into position

few reasons for stating this day as meaningful.. 1 is tis is d first time in my doglife i get to attend a k9 event with mommy (actually i dono y mommy never walked her dogs b4 my existence.. hmm.. perhaps she has heart for me oni kakakaka !).. 2 is mommy gets to meet her frens and 'family' aka Zen and Alex, & Samuel and Mei Luan.. 3 is I get to meet my doggie frens and siblings aka Ben Ben, & Scooby DOo !!!!!!!!!!

Look here brother ! Look here !

My brother Ben Ben is so handsome !

My brother Scooby is so man !

WOah ! Family Reunion! Tat wat me and mommy waiting for !

Mommy's hooman fren include her 'family', Jessica, Amanda, Pipi @ Mommy (leng lui), Lily, Jason, Vino, Vino gf, and many many many more !
While my doggie fren include my siblings, Sasha, Pacco, PiPi, Rooney, Jingles, Patches, Zeus, and many many many more !

At first, me, mommy, Jingles, and patches went to 1U at around 730am following Uncle Jason car, and reached there at around 845am.. The hero goes to Jingles who dont puke in the car ! .. cus normally Jingles wil throw out.. car sick gua..

then, when we reached there, the first fren we met was Scooby and Samuel and Mei Luan.. how happy ! Then, we took our way to the park, and we saw Jessica and Sasha and Sze Ern and the entire family ! How happy also ! hahaha ! then, Zen and Alex and Ben Ben smsed mommy to tell her tat they are reaching at 10am! How happy again! and then, so many doggy frens wants to make frens with me, and mommy kept on asking me to say Hello la, Hi la, wei mommy, i dono how to speak ur hooman language ok? But in doggie language, me so pro la.. me sniff sniff the doggie butt, and say hello by kissies hehehe ! Then mommy kept on telling me : F for Friends ah Molly, not for Fight !

So.. i had to keep a good behavior cus mommy kept on asking me so...

haih.. y in the world got so many reminders one o???? Life is stressful litat don u think so?

Leng Lui and Pipi!

when i sniff the butt-butt of the doggies, mommy will say: F for frens ah.. Not Fight ah..

worse ! when i sniff the butt-butt of female doggies, and the female doggies sniff my butt-butt too, mommy will say: wat u doing? don L ah!

when i sniff the flower and the grass, mommy will say: Molly wat u doing? u wan to get diarrhea isit?

when i wan to get into the lake to have a nice swim, mommy will say: Dont ah.. later u get wet and get flu then u know ah!

when i wan to give kissies and love to all my doggie frens, mommy will say: Molly, u know ah.. wat is F...

sien -_-

Then, s tis is my first time go kai kai with mommy, then u know la.. im still a puppy, then sure is curious and excited rite ! Then I kept on snifing here and there, and keep on knowing more and more doggie frens, mommy had to pull me with all her might.. (im 9kg now.. so u can imagine how strong my mommy is !)

now, mommy say she damn tired and the hands damn pain... so u know wat i do? i lick lick lick.. and she praise me guai =D

Now, i tink i hav to go liaw.. i need to recharge.. im so damn tired as well..

then after this zz, is dinner time ! yay!

anyway, after staying away from mommy and her everyday obedience commands, I ade forgot all.... she has to train me again.. haha ! training is fun! cus i hav treats ! hehe !

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Tommorrow is the annual K9 day for the year 2007 (oink oink year)

Im now still in Uncle Jason's house, cus I'm having period (paiseh paiseh), and is very inconvenient for Uncle Jason to fetch me back to mommy's house.. So.. Mommy has to come tonight to Uncle Jason's house, and spend a night there, and tommorrow, after the big day, me and Mommy go back together-gether


Hmmm.. wonder wat will we do tml after the event..

ohhhh forgot to let all know, tomorrow the event wil be held at Bandar Utama Central Park. There's this very cooling lake and im sure mommy wil like it..

actually, last nite Mommy came into my dream and told me something..

She said, she cant wait to see me =D
next, she said, she cant wait to see her frens too !
so, i said, i cant wait to see ALL my doggie frens !
lastly, the most cruel one, she said she's happpy tat im having my period.... -_-||

em.. actually, i dono y, im having period and im suffering here.. but she's still so happy ... haih... mommy sot sot de...

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year Resolution!

Guess what Melissa has tagged me once more for new year =D

OKAY ! the same rules apply as the xmas tag.. so here goes :

1. I shall try to stop chasing after butterflies and stick to Mommy when she brings me go kai kai... erm.. try my best la Mommy~

2. I shall stop barking at Mommy when she's eating McD fries, which are my favourite.. errrrkkk... but sometimes I just cant help it bah~

3. I shall be a good mutt and be good to Mommy and her housmates' frens who come to my house..

4. I shall be serius in all trick trainings that Mommy wants me to be good in..

5. I shall be a good doggie who is frenly towards ANY doggie frens that I will meet and listen to Mommy all the time =D

1. Pacco !
2. Ben Ben !
3. Sasha !
4. Fei !
5. Prince !

erm.. oh ya ! Haven state the rules.. Okay ! for those who not so or forget the rules, don worry, see below :

1. The player with this game starts with "(doggie name)'s 5 new year resolutions for 2007"

2. Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names.

3. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their new year resolutions, as well as state this rules clearly, then tag 5 more victims.

4. And the ones who tag need to leave a comment that says, "You've been tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

This is easy isnt it? Now just guai guai follow the rules :D