Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sometimes people neglect things which are important but ahh... what do you think? Do your humans neglect you too?

Im not saying that my human neglect me but there are just some times that things in life overwhelm her.. And as her loyal little girl I do my part to understand and be her nearest, strongest, and best support... Thats what I do best :)

Talk about givings in return.. This is what you humans do best aye? Not us canines though. We believe that the sense of attachment and belonging dominate the relationship between pets and owners. That's why we understand our owners, and we are always willing and, always there, to be their pillar of hope and reliance.

Mommy, I understand your busy schedules, and I just want you to know, that, I will always be here for you, no matter what :)

You have no one, but you have me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Secrets or not secrets?

Psst.. dont let mami know i blog about this kay?

Actually, just now when i went out for the daily walk wif mami, my super powerful eyes could see something that mami texted to her friend... something like "cake"



mmm mmmmmm ~~~ Must be for me Must be for me !! XD
Yes I remembered that mami tried to bake a cake.. but for the first time, she made a terrible mistake and the cake went from butterbrown to chocolate brown.. ewww

but then... today mami did something for me : egg tarts !!
she baked 10... and i took 6 :)

She wanted to give few to her friends, but her friends say dont want wor..
inside got durian flavor one.. her friend sure regret ! hahaha !~~~
but nevermind.. nevermind... they are all mine now :P

dont say u all regret dont want ahr... cus its all in my little stomach already ~~~~

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Im back... Finally ~

Have no fear, Molly is here ~

Haha ! This used to be my tagline for my fellow pawpals... been a long time since i used it :)

Anyway, if some of you have already know, I been seperated from mami for few months, cus mami been 'chased' out of the house (owner wanted to get married and wished to get back his house)... therefore moved to a house where no dogs are allowed :( (stupid or not)

Then, i went to live with Auntie Sophia who has a dog too (my 'bf)... his name is Boy Boy.. we live together so happily (eat together, pee together, poo together, bully other dogs together, chase cats together) Shhh dont tell mami that we bully other dogs together kay? cus she will #$%^&*(

Mami : Molly !! I heard that !!


Anyway, now since i moved back to stay with mami once more, I hav to leave Boy Boy.. and kinda sad but i had to, since I belong to mami :)

The thing that pissed me off is, mami took me to the vet again! this time for mange treatment and the vet just cannot leave his needles... grrrr rawl !!!

So for the moments, I feel so glad that im once again sleeping with mami on the same ol' bed... the most comfortable place in this world :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Barkday Barkday !

Sad to say, I was supposed to celebrate my barkday with Mommy on 16 June... But then mommy was posted offshore training in that stupid oil rig so mommy had to postpone my celebration to next month... Sigh ~

But anyway, Im turning 2 and Im anticipating it... Well at least that "lovely" woman is the type of person who holds strong to her what ever promises.. and really... really... really looking forward to the celebration !

Oh ya btw, Im new in Subang USJ.... do feel free to drop by at 11, USJ 2/4, 47300 Subang Jaya... if u wanna have a glance at how Mommy's gonna celebrate for me at her mini pawty this coming August... heeheehee !

Psss... Molly heard that Mommy's buying some kinda vegetable cake for mii... wonder whats that... I've tried to hypnotise mommy to tell me a bit but she's just too strong for my hypnosis.... Gosh ~

Saturday, June 07, 2008

never give up on the good times you had here with me~

dear all, i know its been such a distance of time since i last blogged... here, me and mommy say : SORRY ~! we haven forget u all.. just, mommy had been a busy woman late few months and that i had been doing my duties as her beloved girl to help her in whatever and whichever ways that i could, so mommy wud not be too hard...

time has passed so fast.. im so glad that mommy told me that everythings gonna be okay, and we will soon be back into action....

and while mommy and i were so busy to even blog, i did came once every few days to visit my blog.. and feel great enough to view all your comments.. im so grateful !

anyway, for certain people who dont understand my life and how mommy loved me so much that im the most important element in her life besides her family, i dont really care any negative feedbacks given in the taggy column as well as comments columns... mommy doesnt care too.. cus mommy respects the freedom of speech.. and whose life doesnt encounter negative responses ? right ?

never give up our good times together and yes, we will be back again soon.. very very very very soon~ stay tuned !

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Horlique Jac-Jasze

See this title ?? know what is it ?? Guess...

ok since no one gave me feedback, let me introduce. Horlique Jac-Jasze (what a wierd name) (Mami: Molly u r jealous??) is the name of a labrador retriever coming to stay with me and mami start from tomorow.. and he a boy boy (Mami : Molly what are u thinking arhh ?????? u r spayed u remember ???? )


anyway, mami already explain everything to me. Lets just call him Horlique. Horlique is a Lab Retriever who is partially handicaped cus his central nervous system is not working well. Because of a stupid stupid stupid vet in Sri Petaling who were very irresponsible and careless and heartless who caused horlique to lose sense and proper function in his CNS so he became partially handicapped at the back, including his muscles and legs. He now can no longer move and needs constant physiotherapy done by massaging at his muscles of his hind legs. So cham ! Haih.

Worse, his owner 'Coke' could not give ful attnetion to Horlique due to his working hours from morning until night time that made Horlique into depression state, and that Horlique kept whining and crying all day cus Coke wasnt there with him all the time. Horlique needs extra care for physiotherapy as well. Due to this Coke was very upset and was looking up and down for people to help look after Horlique.

Finally, the kind mami offered !!!! YAy !!! hehe ! got another play mate liaw... waiting him to come tomorow nite... huhuhuhu !!!!

Updates 1

Today I heard the devil said : This mami really very lazy... write blog very hard meh ???

OK ! As mami's loving daughter girl I, Molly, wish to oppose Mister Devil.. MOMMY NOT LAZY OK.. MOMMY VERY BUSY WITH HER EXAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!

That said...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Alrighty now.. since Im quite free at the moment and my mommy is sleeping like a pig let me just take over mommy's laptop for a while to update my boring-kinda-life here..

Mommy i wish to make a statement of complain : You've never been free enough to bring me stroll along our house (Mommy sleep-talks : Now dear, do you realise that our area's security had been terrible lately? with snatch-thieves around targeting potential victims ?)

okay... fine.. i decided to call it a deal since jsut now mommy was so nice to take me for a walk 1 round ~ along the journey, i met a friendly male doggy who showed fondness with me... and we made friends ~ but somehow i couldnt show too much of a passion as mommy was quite worried that i might catch fleas from him... so mommy hurried me along and then we reached home... and then mommy quickly checked my furry body for fleas... CLEAN !~ ^o^

and so, mommy's birthday is coming... on 24 jan... and sis elayne decided to buy mommy a gift and celebrate with me and mommy this sunday... woohoo ~~~~ First of all, let Molly make a wish : I wish to get a kong toy (Mommy sleep-talks again : Now hold it Molly, its not your barkday .. let mommy wish ok? hmm.. Mommy wish to have a new pair of levi's jeans lololololololololxxxxx)

aiks... spooky.. i think mommy's too excited about her birthday wish until she sleep talks about it... does it count anyway? lololololololololololololxxxxx


wee wang wang ~ K9 days this sunday and I jsut cant wait ! so excited ~~~ *so is mommy teehee ~*

Mommy wil be there for work purpose.. searching for Mr. Khoo to ask something in favor of her new job.. hehe ~

anyway, sis Elayne wil be fetching us go there and also to celebrate Mommy's birthday .. Mommy so so so so so excited !

Hmm.. wats for mommy from me ? no doubt sure is super-duper-kissie !~ Shhh... don tell mommy yet.. this is a surprise muakakaka ~