Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More pics

As I have promised u guys, heres more pics about me - Back to my 2-months of age ...

Sorry.. Busy on the phone.. talking business here...

After a nice warm bath :-)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Back to the future.

Today, Mommy got some very cun photos of me when I was bording under Auntie Kim... Auntie Kim's housemate, Ah Yun, a very cun girl also, got my photos taken and posted on friendster.. Take a look... Please say Im cute :-)

I somehow look innocent - That's my tactic when mommy's angry

I dont look like being on a Ferris Wheel do i?

ehem! im as hardworking as mommy

*** More pics will be posted. The stupiak internet connection does no justice !

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today mommy went to MDRO day (Msian Dog Responsible Ownership Day) not with me, but with her male human. sigh... Mommy don wan me liaw ? haha no la. I havent get my 3rd jab yet, so for safety wise, she don dare to bring me there.. But, her male human Jab dono how many times liaw, so safe to go..

Anyway, mommy was planning to get some pics one... BUT>> the forgetful her din bring her Handphone.. (Laugh until stomach ache)

Wah.. She had fun with the male human... makes me a little bit jealous >-(
She today after went to MDRO Day, spot here and there for other human doggie frens, and watched the talented dogs playing the games and competing..wah ! Mommy so excited ! But anyway, din take photo also nvm lo.. next time lo mommy.. don sad k? wait when i go with u next round, then u take photo of me kau kau la ha !

oh ya.. Mommy took home goody bag for me. But inside, i tot got nice stuff. but only got shampoo and beggin strips, and some leaflets. Beggin strips are the Purina brand super tasty treats released just recently in Msia.. Hehe !

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wut's So Funnei ???

Mommy tried to deco my beautiful picture to make me into a queen. But she kept on laughing non-stop after seeing the deco. I wonder why.. why why why? Can anyone tell me why ???

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pretty Me

OK.. enough with the scolding of mad woman.. me as a 'dai leong & sek lam' 3-mth old puppy are even more smarter to handle this kind of mad woman...

ok i must stop being angry, later my cells all die.. cells die for this kind of gila person ? Not worth it.. peace

on 24 sept, mommy's gonna do me a favor.. since im not eligible for outdoor event, then mommy is going to MDRO day to ask some questions regarding me.. well, i hope she can get ther early to grab a gooody bag for me kekeke... Mommy had been looking forward to this.. i hope she have fun there...

okok.. entertainment time.. this is the posting of my recent pics... please agree that i look more pretty :-)

Me playing with my favourite Teddy in my favourite Bed

This is me. the beautiful lady

Hey.. who is in the mirror ??!! So pretty one :-)

Another version of Sleeping Beauty kekeke !

Mommy bought a new collar for me !

I Dont Like Mommy's Housemate !

I have a sad and shocking story to tell u guys...

Mommy stays with her housemates, and all her housemates loved me except ONE -- MAD WOMAN

Since the first day, this mad woman didnt like me, cus i barked at her, but Mommy managed to carry me away.. Well, I dont like this Mad woman cus her face got the 'sat hei'.. But as u all know, if I dont bark at a person i dont like, then Im not a normal dog.. I wonder y this mad woman hates me

Well, she liked me when i was just a month old, cus u know la, that time i was so cute, and this mad woman loves to cuddle with me.. But then, she is 3 minute heat.. when i came back to the home in my 3rd month of age after mommy fetch me from Auntie Kim, this mad woman thinks im no longer cute (But im prettier than ever, MIND YOU!)

So, mad woman told mommy im not as cute as before.. but mommy defended me by saying that ya, im not as cute, but i became more beautiful ! this is the fact ! see my photo now also i dont think anyone will say me ugly isnt it ?

see, this mad woman doesnt think properly.. maybe she doesnt have any brains at all..

same thing - I dont like her either, cus she yelled at me the first day asking me to shut my mouth up.. actually, mommy also 'yan' this mad woman so long.. so since mommy doesnt like her so much, y should i ?

A few days ago, mad woman had a big fight with her bf at home, and frankly this mad woman is a genuine pure Foochow.. u know what i mean ? genuine pure foochow people are rude people who talks like they are shouting, jsut like the uncivilised people.. and the worst thing is, they owes want to win.. MUST WIN ! so, u can expect that this mad woman is also one.. she never tolerates her bf, and quarels with her bf EVRYDAY like have nothing else better to do.. haih.. me as a doggie who doesn understand her rude language also know they are fighting.. really hitting bf like mad one, and yelling bf like mad

mind u, is gf hit and scold bf !!!! she likes to quarel, and can start the idiotic quarel even wth small small things like the drizzling rain... GILA

so, u can see y i dont like mad woman.. i choose peace.. like my mommy does..

y i bark at mad woman? 2 reasons - Im protecting mommy, and i dont like mad woman. i feel she is very threatening, at least she look like one.. y owes look so angry ???

here i wanna tell u the horrible things mad woman did to me -

1) mad woman likes to yell at me, and once, she kicked me when i was barking at her.. she tot my mommy didnt know, but soli la, mommy was in the room revising, while i was just coming out to pee-pee

2) mad woman yesterday pulled my tail, and hold a ruler in her hand, trying to hit me ! of cos i fight back, and bit her hand and feet... she got even more furius, and i managed to run back to mommy's room a.k.a. my room also.. this happened after mad woman finally broke off with her bf in her room... u know wat she did to her bf? she threw his stuff out from the window from 15 floor !!!! wah.. ganas !

i think she use me to relieve temper,.. sometimes i regret barking at her.. maybe if i din bark at her yesterday, madwoman wont hit me and pull my tail

3) few days ago, mad woman yelled at me when i bark at her... she threatened to POISON me if i bark at her again... GILA !

well, if its not mad woman's bf who told Mommy all these, Mommy will not know.. Mommy quareled with mad woman cus of this.. so protective of me.. but now she is very worried.. wat to do ? wat to do ?

i relly wonder y mad woman's bf can be with mad woman...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Love My New House

HI all !

Im so happy to be in a new house.. the house is empty, but is cosy, especially mommy's room.. and the best part is that since its empty, i have more free space to roam about hehe !

Today, mommy spend a morning to train me how to sit and shake hands... of course the smart smart me follow her.. and she so so so happy to see me know how to wee-wee and poo-poo on newspapers and big carton refrigerator box ! Well, again, the living room is so spacious that it is my ultimate toilet.. luckily mommy go and get a big big carton box, if not i will do it elsewhere...

Well, Mommy likes to take photo of me when im busy with my teddy and also my bone and also my cushion-bed.. I cant say mommy's camera skills is perfect, but i can say that im photogenic enough :-)

Behold my favourite teddy ! Mommy bought it from Watsons exclusively for me :-)

See the sleeping beauty ?

This is my cushion-bed... Pretty ? Mommy bought exclusively for me... But i love to gnaw on it.. dont really know y its being sewed like that.. hmmm..

Where is my bone ?


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today, Auntie Kim was shocked.. She found 2 kutu on me.. Frankly, I have never been outdoors or out of the house.. So I was curious why kutu can jump on me..

According to Auntie Kim, ticks can jump into the house besides residing among the grasses..

Stupid hyperactive ticks !

Anyway, I'm coming home this week.. And i think mommy is gonna take me to my most feared place -- The Vet -- for deworming and my first vaccination, as well as body checkup..

Now, I have learned a new trick, which is to sit and shake my hand.. haha !

Also, I think mommy will not be so pleased with me for I have developed a habit -- Barking at people I don't know.. well, I hope mommy understands that the barking is just temporary, cus who knows that person I dont know might attack me or mommy, and that once i get used to that person's existence, maybe she/he is mommy's friend or housemate, I will treat them with full respect !

Anyway, I have shed my fur over the past few weeks. So happy, cus i know that new beautiful fur will grow... ahha !