Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm a happy fat puppy

Hi all it's me Molly again..

Today i overheard Auntie Kim told my Mommy that my breath smells like coffee.. Hmmm.. really? Mommy loves coffee as much as i know.. haha ! Well, Mommy told Auntie Kim that she likes to drink coffee too.. I think Mommy's trying to cover up for me kekeke ! Mommy told Auntie Kim that she will brush my teeth :-D

Besides that, I also heard Auntie Kim said that I'm fat and is doing fine.. yeah she's right.. I'm F-A-T.... But a fat puppy makes a cute puppy dont'chya think ?

I missed Mommy so much, and I know that Mommy misses me too.. But I will be seeing Mommy a few days later ~ Can't wait... new house, new environment..

Monday, August 14, 2006

Me.. Me.. Me Turn !

Yay ! Finally Mommy gave me a chance to blog here.. Mommy thinks i'm still so small, cant read and write yet.. But dear Mommy, I'm a smart puppy.. So does all the people out there.. All say i'm smart :-D

Okkay now.. I think Mommy told u guys that I'm staying in her friend Kim's house rite.. yea that's true, and Auntie Kim treats me well.. not forgetting her Shi Tzu.. also my playmate.. Like her so much !

When Mommy was looking after me, she fed me kibbles 3 times a day.. The kibbles are of bite size, and they are yummy and easy to digest ! BUT when i stay here with Auntie Kim, I dont know why she feeds me only one meal of kibbles per day.. and only milk in the morning.. Hmm.. I haven't ask Auntie Kim yet, but i do enjoy the milk :-) I once saw in the tv ad that milk contains high level of Calcium which is good for building strong bones.. I looked at Mommy, and she looked at me.. she nodded at me, telling me : Yes that's right...

I found a great spot to relieve : Under the stair case ! hahaha ! It's fun to pee there cos no one will catch me doing that.. so when nature calls, I will have at least a direction, which is good for my conscience development in future :-)

Mommy sat for her third final exam paper today, and she smiled at me in my dreams just now when i was having my nap.. i think she's well prepared.. She even told me that today's subject is not so easy.. but i know she can do it ! Cos she's a smart Mommy... she's MY MOMMY !

2 days later, 16 of August 2006, I will officially be a 2 month-old puppy ! Haha ! Shi Tzu told me she will give me a Kiss ! Well I'm waiting for it...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bored Dog

I think this Border Collie looks rather bored... kesian...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

3rd Vid

Another Vid

Another vid on pups playing.. enjoy :-)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Enjoy This Vid

Hey got a vid on pups... enjoy :-)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More about Molly ~

For as long as i remember, i didnt actually post up Molly's biodata..

So here goes :

Name - Molly
Mommy - Jane
Home - Cheras
D.O.B. - 16/06/2006
Breed - Mix Collie
Hobby - Sleep, play, and eat

From Molly's daily routine, i realise Molly loves to sleep on the floor (cool ma..) and HATES THE CAGE

Molly's mama : Dhora

Dhora with her litter

Molly's ancestors

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Missing Molly

I miss Molly !

Yaya Molly is now with her babysitter Kim.. and I miss her so so much!


This weekend i will bring Molly for her first vaccination... Then i can see Molly :-)

Woah cant wait !!!!!!!

From Kim, Molly became more playful now, and tend to pee/poo under the staircase.. waha!

But Molly's not fully toilet-trained yet lar... Anyway, nevermind, slowly and she will get the idea i hope ~

Oh yeah by the way, I also wanna update that Molly's got another companion ! baby Shi Tzu belonging to Kim :-)

So glad that Molly's not lonely hahaha!

Well, final exams are around the corner... gotta go now...

Miss Molly so so much !