Saturday, April 19, 2008

Horlique Jac-Jasze

See this title ?? know what is it ?? Guess...

ok since no one gave me feedback, let me introduce. Horlique Jac-Jasze (what a wierd name) (Mami: Molly u r jealous??) is the name of a labrador retriever coming to stay with me and mami start from tomorow.. and he a boy boy (Mami : Molly what are u thinking arhh ?????? u r spayed u remember ???? )


anyway, mami already explain everything to me. Lets just call him Horlique. Horlique is a Lab Retriever who is partially handicaped cus his central nervous system is not working well. Because of a stupid stupid stupid vet in Sri Petaling who were very irresponsible and careless and heartless who caused horlique to lose sense and proper function in his CNS so he became partially handicapped at the back, including his muscles and legs. He now can no longer move and needs constant physiotherapy done by massaging at his muscles of his hind legs. So cham ! Haih.

Worse, his owner 'Coke' could not give ful attnetion to Horlique due to his working hours from morning until night time that made Horlique into depression state, and that Horlique kept whining and crying all day cus Coke wasnt there with him all the time. Horlique needs extra care for physiotherapy as well. Due to this Coke was very upset and was looking up and down for people to help look after Horlique.

Finally, the kind mami offered !!!! YAy !!! hehe ! got another play mate liaw... waiting him to come tomorow nite... huhuhuhu !!!!

Updates 1

Today I heard the devil said : This mami really very lazy... write blog very hard meh ???

OK ! As mami's loving daughter girl I, Molly, wish to oppose Mister Devil.. MOMMY NOT LAZY OK.. MOMMY VERY BUSY WITH HER EXAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!

That said...