Friday, April 27, 2007

Map to My House

Please click on the image for a complete view !
(Soli... im scared of ppl later come eat me.. so i delete the pic...)

Hi all ! This is the map to my house.. during the party time.. if u guys still not sure, do come to giant which u can already see from Kesas Highway... then give mommy a call at 016-2553463... mommy will lead u here yah !

Molly the Spayed Astronaut

Have u ever seen a canine astronaut in real life? I blif u have heard abt the dog who followed an astronaut up to outer space.. but i will show u an example from Malaysia :


ok i cut the crap... Actually, 2 days ago (24 April 2007), Mommy and Sis YanYan took me all the way to Setapak's Klinik Kembiri to do their evil plan, which was to get me spayed and take away my pride and right as a normal biatch..

At first, the naive me din know wat they are up to.. and i even tot they gonna bring me eat Ais Kacang cus the weather is so very hot.. i tink Mr Sun got fatter !

Halfway down the journey, i feel very funny in my tummy.. sudenly.. something came out of my mouth... I vomited ! Must be mommy la.. din feed me and give me water since the night b4... and din feed me also in the morning.. tat y i puke on mommy jeans to take revenge hiak hiak hiak !

So.. when we reach, i saw got few doggy in the big cages.. they barky at me.. asking me to ask mommy to let them out cus they been captured by the DBKL ppl... poor them... so they kept on barking, and i kept on looking at them.. pretending i din understand a single barky cus i couldnt do anything... soli pals.. cant help ya !

And then.. Mommy tied me up on 1 small pillar at the bac of the surgery theatre.... then left with Sis YanYan to the office... hmmm wonder wat they up to this time..

Sudenly, a vet came up to me and Piak ! jab me with something tat made me feel so bad and drowsy ! it was yellow liquid and i din know wat tat... i tot i was weak until gonna die... :X
I immediately fainted a little.. but strong me got up.. but fainted again!

SO ! i couldnt hear anything... but could only see blurblur Mommy and Sis YanYan ... omg wat hapen to me !

after few hrs... i finally regained conciousness.. but i felt something which veryvery very uncomfy ! somthing at my neck ! grrr y cant i move ???? BUT luckily im not in heaven yet cus i could hear mommy and sis YanYan laff at me.. they think i look farny :(

At the same time.. i felt so weak i couldnt really move. all i could do was to lie down and just lie down... i felt so helpless !~ And poor mommy had to leave me at home to prepare her project culture medium in Uni cus her stupiak useless co-supervisor ask her to stay there for 4++ hrs to explain a single stupiak thing... i miss her so... and she miss me so.. cant wait to come bac to see me.. and i cant wait to see her too..... sob sob...

after 4 stupiak hours, mommy finally bac to me ! she fed me with Pedigree Can Food which very very very tasty ! i could see mommy also lick her lips with her tongue when smell the food.. hehe soli mommy.. tat mine. not urs !

but after eating the food... dono y.. Mr tummy cant accept the food.. so, i had to vomit everything out again.. haiz... mommy so sad tat time.. she dono wat happen to me... so she called grandpa but grandpa doing business tat time so no time entertain both of us... mommy so worried.. but she go and buy yogurt for me.. and i felt better...


until yst... i felt so excited when see mommy come bac ! Mommy so happy to see me regain all my 38 energy ! i felt so healthy too !

1 thing mommy din know was.. i was too hungry tat day after vomit, tat i ate my smelly puupuu after wanna elimiate.. and poor mommy tot i constipation! hahahahahaha !

anyway, i got this ugly stiches and bandage on my belly.. and dono y, my belly sooo itchy ... haiz.. pls..i hope the itch goes away !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guess what ... Dogathon is back !

The event me, mommy, and all the doggies in the country have waited ! The annual Greatie !

Where ? Bk . Expo, UPM !

When ? 12 August 2007 !

Mommy's taking me there ! SO see you guys !

Friday, April 06, 2007

Surprise Surprise !!

Today, Mr Postman came to my house.. I tot he gonna visit me.. bart i scare him away kekeke !

Then, mommy stop me (grrr...) and go to meet Mr Postman and get something .. is a parcel and an envelope.. Cool ! i tink is mine :D

N, surprise surprise ! Mommy say the parcel is not for her, but me, BenBen, and Scooby our birthday ! Habba habba habba ! Mommy fast fast open ! Guess who is it from..... *DRUMROLL*... all from Auntie Melissa, Amber, Faith, and Cloe ! yeyeyeyey! Love u guys ! Muack muack muack !

Dont worry guys... I will pass to BenBen and Scooby later... while now, i syok sendiri with the pressies first :D

Woah a lovely card from Auntie Melissa, Amber, Faith, and Cloe !

this is the parcel... big ho? lets see wat is written on top..

See... i din lie.. is for me, BenBen and Scooby :D

tadaaaa.... pressies ! I cant wait to play with them !

I love all of them =D

I feel so hang fook ^O^

Monday, April 02, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away, Doggies Like Me Wanna Play

I hate the rain.. u know y? Cus I will miss my routine walk...

When's the Rain gonna stop ......