Monday, February 12, 2007

Long time No see....

helo everyone ! guess u all missed me eh? hahaha !

ok la ook la wanna say sorry for being MIA for few weeks.. but i have solid reason...

First, 2 idiots broken my router (u know la who, been mentioning them since ancient times, no need mention anymore).

Second, Mommy's been very very very the busy since mid-january.. for exams la, assignments la, lab reports la, final year project too..

Third, Ive been busy messing around with mommy's friends when they wanna come see me hehehe !

Anyway, wanna tell u a good news.. Mommy and I moving out to a dog frenly neighborhood nex mth ! Yay ! a landed propery and i will be a 90% legal dog ! ehem the remaining 10% is my licence.. i have yet got my licence.. but mommy is busy, i know.. but i believe she will get me one when she free a bit... so gambatte mommy ! I pray for your free time !

the best thing is, mommy promised me that no matter how busy she is, events she sure will bring me go ... this is best news ! i can meet my doggie frens again !

actually, mommy also excited one.. she armm chio there now... kekekek !