Friday, January 18, 2008

Alrighty now.. since Im quite free at the moment and my mommy is sleeping like a pig let me just take over mommy's laptop for a while to update my boring-kinda-life here..

Mommy i wish to make a statement of complain : You've never been free enough to bring me stroll along our house (Mommy sleep-talks : Now dear, do you realise that our area's security had been terrible lately? with snatch-thieves around targeting potential victims ?)

okay... fine.. i decided to call it a deal since jsut now mommy was so nice to take me for a walk 1 round ~ along the journey, i met a friendly male doggy who showed fondness with me... and we made friends ~ but somehow i couldnt show too much of a passion as mommy was quite worried that i might catch fleas from him... so mommy hurried me along and then we reached home... and then mommy quickly checked my furry body for fleas... CLEAN !~ ^o^

and so, mommy's birthday is coming... on 24 jan... and sis elayne decided to buy mommy a gift and celebrate with me and mommy this sunday... woohoo ~~~~ First of all, let Molly make a wish : I wish to get a kong toy (Mommy sleep-talks again : Now hold it Molly, its not your barkday .. let mommy wish ok? hmm.. Mommy wish to have a new pair of levi's jeans lololololololololxxxxx)

aiks... spooky.. i think mommy's too excited about her birthday wish until she sleep talks about it... does it count anyway? lololololololololololololxxxxx


wee wang wang ~ K9 days this sunday and I jsut cant wait ! so excited ~~~ *so is mommy teehee ~*

Mommy wil be there for work purpose.. searching for Mr. Khoo to ask something in favor of her new job.. hehe ~

anyway, sis Elayne wil be fetching us go there and also to celebrate Mommy's birthday .. Mommy so so so so so excited !

Hmm.. wats for mommy from me ? no doubt sure is super-duper-kissie !~ Shhh... don tell mommy yet.. this is a surprise muakakaka ~