Monday, July 24, 2006

Bye Molly

Today's a sad sad day.. cuz i'm giving away Molly to her babysitter until September when i will move out into a new home...

The babysitter's name is Kim, she is a friend of mine studying in the same Uni as I am.. I need to hand Molly over to Kim cuz my rented condo can't rear animals..Also i think my neighbors already complained *secretly*... So.. what to do... Sigh~

I will be visiting Molly when i have the time.. Oh i sure miss her soo sooo sooooo muchie !

And, not forgetting Chopin.. my friend who claimed that her family might want the puppy doesnt want anymore puppies... So i have to ask around if anyone wants Chopin now..

Both are so so so naughty... They bite and growl at each other most of their playtime.. and i think that it hurts sometimes :O

Hmmm especially Molly.. biting her sis like eating lamb chop !

Wahahhhaaaa! Now.. who wants Chopin ??? Dont worry Jacklyn... Both are doing fine now... except for toilet training and crating... Both whined and howled so bad when they are left in the crate... and boy they ran and ran so lively when my housemate's bf released them... hahha !

I guess animals don't like to be caged.. just like you and me...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hi all !!!

I'm so glad that Molly's okay now... Two days ago i brought Molly for deworming, with the generous help from my dearie friend Jacklyn and also her boyfriend... They provided me with transport to Damansara (erm.. if i'm not mistaken?? Do correct me if i did :)...) cos Jacklyn claimed that the vet is famous in proper services ..

And yes also, they both paid for the deworming fee as well :-) THanks a lot Jacklyn and her BF, you guys know how much i appreciate the help :-)

Oh yea and one more thing: There's a new member ! Let's give our claps to Chopin ! Chopin is Molly's sister...

In the 'hospital', we heard a pregnant bitch giving birth to pups !!! The vet claimed that it was a Dinasour ! WOah ~ On the other hand, i'm so happy for animals that conceive :O Perhaps it's instinct?? LOL~

The next visit will be the first vaccination for both pups.. It will be next week... and i'm looking forward to it :-D

I'm giving away both pups to my friend who will help me babysit Molly and Chopin until September when i move out into a new house.. I hope they can adapt to another new environment....

Oh well, I do hope everything will be fine ... Molly and Chopin still aren't used to toilet trainng.. and they eliminate almost ANY spot in the living room ! Oh well, everything needs tight supervision and great patience for now, cuz they are stil young (2 mths++)... I really really hope that they will be consistent in elimination business when they reach the next month or two..

And one more thing: They are now dewormed.. BUT are superhyperactive especially after nightfall when they can just whine and whine... I just ignored them if they did.. and boy it was dreadful when i ignored them and they just continued whining.. But it's world peace when they found it boring and would just stop and go back to sleep... But remember this: THEY SOUNDED DREADFUL & LOUD WHEN THEY WHINE AND TRIED TO GET ATTENTION ~

And now... My own personal problem: SHOuld i move into a new house or into a new condominium? Perhaps i should opt for a house... so that Molly and Chopin can have their personal space for elimination ..


I'd love to bring my pups for events and doggie walks.. Hmmm if only i have transport~

I found out in the portal forum that training for puppies cost RM 200 for 10 times... the venue will be in Taman Desa, just opposite Midvalley Megamall... I'm now in the midst of saving money for that :-) Hopefully i can save enough in short time...

I do hope that i can take my pups out for doggie walks with new puppy or doggie owners who wish for the same too... but this will be after Molly and CHopin get 3 jabs and are strong enough :-) So friends, if u are interested, you can just email me... i would be willing to find a way ~ Especially with transport.. or if u are generous enough to give me a lift, I would be forever thankful :-)

Ahaha... dear Jacklyn, if you miss Molly and Chopin and wish to take them for doggie walks, i would be forever ready to make this a reunion :-D Both are doing fine now.. and they just like to make noise at nights as well as treating the whole house their 'spacious toilet'.... I shall give in patience :-)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My poor lil' sweetie !!!! What happened to you ???

Must be deworming issues... Oh My Goodness I'm so so worried about you !

Since last night after 11++ pm, Molly was sleeping oh so soundly... But after midnight, she made noise and should i say, chaos??? Housemate was awakened by her whinings and woke me up too.. I had not a good night sleep ~

Hmmm so i had to wake up constantly every 10 minutes to calm Molly down... Perhaps i was wrong - Molly was not adapted to the new environment in my house.. and yes it's normal that she will feel unsafe and wanted shelther, shelter from my arms... Fuuhhh !!! Manja !

I'm staying in a rented condo, and I didn't want to wake neighbours up.. So i was quite worried about Molly... Hmmm... I was so confused with what her whinings meant..

Today at 7.30am when i woke up, i saw wee-wee and poo-poo on the living room tiles (!)... Toilet training is TOUGH !

Alright alright i promise i shall give in patience and patience ~

So just now, i saw a very disgusting sight: Molly vomitted worm ! TWICE !

Oh well i had not deworm her yet.. And i was planning to do it today, but the doc's not in !!!! HELP!!!!!

I need transport to take me to the nearest pet shop about 30 minutes walk away ~

Oh one thing: I had not vaccinated Molly and i wouldnt want to take Molly walking up until the pet shop... what if she gets sick ?????

What should i do??????

Friday, July 21, 2006

Finally.... Molly's here ~

Oh yeah the moment has come :-) ... Molly's here with mommy :-D

Such an obedient and sweet sweetie.. And i was somehow worried that she might whine cuz of the new environment change, but well, she didn't, and is just as smart ~

Probably she's got used to my smell wahahha ~

Now, in front of me: Lil' darling princess is sleeping sooo soundly ~

Yeah i'm gonna wake this dearie lil' furkid up at 7.30am tomorrow for the first lession in toilet training :0

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Alright everyone ! This is my first post of the blog ~

Yes and yes, another day until tomorrow... when i can finally get my cutie lil' sweetheart : Molly ~

Molly is a two-month old pup by the breed of a Collie

Sweet by nature, agile, obedient and smart were all that my friend (Molly's supplier) had said

A great Scottish shepherd dog it is, the Collie is of very high class rankings.. Even Queen Elizabeth was greatly amused by the herding ability of Collies ~

Oh yes and yes I AM very fond of hounds and canines... They make man's best friend indeed !

Looking forward and feel soooo excited ! And can u guys imagine that I haven't even get Molly a cage ?! Well, I roamed about shops near my Condominium, and got the best deals out of the rest : 50 bucks !

Well well, and guess what, I shall be moving into a new rented unit in a newly-built Condominium just next to my Uni... This means a new environment for Molly.. Hmmm

I have a busy and hectic schedule as a final year degree student.. That means extra time must be allocated for Molly... Hmmm.... I shall do my very very best to make her happy.. and I sure will pamper her with love up to the max max max !!!

By the way, below you can see my sweetheart Molly...