Friday, January 18, 2008


wee wang wang ~ K9 days this sunday and I jsut cant wait ! so excited ~~~ *so is mommy teehee ~*

Mommy wil be there for work purpose.. searching for Mr. Khoo to ask something in favor of her new job.. hehe ~

anyway, sis Elayne wil be fetching us go there and also to celebrate Mommy's birthday .. Mommy so so so so so excited !

Hmm.. wats for mommy from me ? no doubt sure is super-duper-kissie !~ Shhh... don tell mommy yet.. this is a surprise muakakaka ~


Prince said...

Hei Ya... Molly, so long no see you liao... hope can see u at K9 days... yeah !

Molly said...

yaya.. prince.. molly miss u too beh ! c u !