Friday, July 11, 2008

Barkday Barkday !

Sad to say, I was supposed to celebrate my barkday with Mommy on 16 June... But then mommy was posted offshore training in that stupid oil rig so mommy had to postpone my celebration to next month... Sigh ~

But anyway, Im turning 2 and Im anticipating it... Well at least that "lovely" woman is the type of person who holds strong to her what ever promises.. and really... really... really looking forward to the celebration !

Oh ya btw, Im new in Subang USJ.... do feel free to drop by at 11, USJ 2/4, 47300 Subang Jaya... if u wanna have a glance at how Mommy's gonna celebrate for me at her mini pawty this coming August... heeheehee !

Psss... Molly heard that Mommy's buying some kinda vegetable cake for mii... wonder whats that... I've tried to hypnotise mommy to tell me a bit but she's just too strong for my hypnosis.... Gosh ~


BWTH Dog House said...

Holly Molly!!! you are back in action!!! Ok no holly, just Molly. Oh dear sis, where have u been all this while ya. You missed ya barkday? that sound sad but the great news is you still can celebrate your barkday even though its not your barkday month??? Thats really cool. I had a mini mini celebration too, just a mini cake & some pressie. So its that your new addy? are you staying alone or with any housemate?? I hope you enjoy your new environment. Tell aunty Jane that I miss her.

Take care.

slurpy licks,

Molly said...

heya bro ! yeap im back in action again... mommy's been very busy with her new job as she covers d whole admin department.. including accounts dept !

yeap definitely mommy's celebrating for me... but i think lesser n lesser pressies this time.. haha... mommy's buying me somthing tho...

awww.. do tell ur hoomans that Mommy and i missed them too.. sooooo soooooooo muchie !

hehehe cheers dearie :D